Trish Portella-Wright

artist             designer             storyteller             dreamer

i'm just a girl with a camera

gypsy, lover, & free bird.​

i'm inspired by the world around me. the places i explore and the faces i meet make life worth living. i love a good story. i love a good song. i dance like crazy, sing, hike, swim, run, laugh, scream, and lose myself along the way. life is about it...loving it... and most of all trusting it...

i like to take chances and risks. life is unpredictable at best. it's in life's trials that i have grown. i'm a good mother, a supportive wife, a loving daughter and grand-daughter, and a fabulous friend. i've found over the years that it's not how much you have that makes you happy, but the people you have around you who make the days golden and the years memorable.

thank you for visiting my site and taking a journey with me. if you find yourself lingering on an image and feeling nostalgic about a life you once knew, a smile you've seen, or a tug at your heartstrings, then i've done my job.

i'm a phone call or email away. if you find yourself wanting to explore, create, laugh, cry, unravel, and collaborate- let's play. let's make some magic.

memories- you can take them with you!